Monday, July 13, 2009

First Day of Swim Lessons

Evan did really well in his class today! He got to practice floating on his back, which has been a bit of a problem for him. He also kicked off the wall and glided to the teacher. He did a good job of keeping his face in the water while doing that. Later when they would swim as part of a game he would keep his face out of the water, though. All in all, he did a great job today and said that he had fun!

I was more concerned with how Joel would do. He likes to observe in new situations and he prefers to have me or his brother with him, too. He warmed up pretty quickly to his teacher and did a god job. The teacher tried to get him to swim while blowing bubbles, doing his arms, and kicking his legs all at the same time. He could do one at a time really well, two at a time kind of okay, but three at a time was a problem. Still, this was a successful day for Joel, too, and he also said that he had fun.

Unfortunately, both boys are now tired and cranky so I declared an early rest time. Hopefully their attitudes will improve tomorrow. (They are probably still tired from all of our trips last week, too.)
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