Friday, May 22, 2009

One of Evan's special days

Evan will have many special days in the coming week, but yesterday was the first. Joel and I took cookies to school to share with his class during snacktime and to celebrate his birthday with them. Joel carried the cookies inside, which we knew he was strong enough to do since he had carried them into his room and under his bed the day before. Then Steve, Joel, and I all went back to his school to eat lunch with him.Last night was his big kindergarten play and graduation. All the kids did a great job and I think had fun, too. After the play (in which Evan played a weed) we went back to a room to change into the cap and gown. After getting dressed Evan declared, "I'm a graduator!" Ahh, that's my boy!


The Steele Family said...

What a handsome Graduator you are! Great job!

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