Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Math Lesson

1 storm + 1 boy scared of storms + 100 of the boy's stuffed animals + 1 boy who had an "accident" in his bed + 2 of that boy's stuffed animals + 1 bed = 1 very tired mom the next morning

Then morning comes, and I find that both boys have eaten chocolate ice cream without permission. Evan denies it, but the chocolate on his face tells me the truth, even if his words don't.

Then I take Evan and the carpool buddies to school and notice the lightning along the way. Coming home it starts to thunder and pour rain. So, Evan's field trip to the park is now canceled due to the storms that have made a reappearance, despite the forecasts. Evan and Joel are not happy about this, but at least we will go up to Evan's school and have lunch with him there.

So, this is not the best start to a day, in human terms, but there is another math formula that makes it better.

God > Anything I face on this earth


Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

I'm sorry you have had not a very good morning! I hate mornings like those. Thanks for putting it in great perspective at the end. I needed that!

Rebecca said...


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