Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another May day

Evan started asking for an allowance this week. When I asked him what an allowance was, he told me it was money you got for doing chores. Without consulting Steve, I told Evan "no". I told him that chores were something you were expected to do as part of the family, but that he could start doing extra jobs to make some money if he wanted. The first thing I could think of as an example was picking up sticks from the yard before Steve mowed. Well, Steve needed to mow today, so Evan got to work with him picking up sticks and pulling weeds to earn some money. I was feeling generous (more generous than Steve), so Evan earned a dollar for his efforts. I was wondering if he would think that was a good return for his work, and apparently he was pleased. His only concern was how quickly he would be getting the dollar.While Steve and Evan were working, Joel was playing in a puddle on the street. My first reaction was to yell, "Get out of that puddle!", but I didn't! I let him play in it and just took some pictures. I got to play with my camera, and he got to pose and play in the puddle. We were both very happy. I am glad that I didn't yell my first instinct!Joel is not really sad, this is just one of his "poses". I took the picture to show the water that he had splashed onto his face.


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