Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not just any other May day

Not at my house! This was Mother's Day! Actually, my wonderful guys made it an entire weekend!

The festivities kicked off on Thursday night with the giving of the gifts that the boys had made for me. Evan had made his at school, and I had helped Joel make his at storytime. Joel still doesn't seem convinced that it is for me and not him. (The necklace was already in the box, and we decorated the jewelry box.)The present from Evan is a picture of the two of us inside a frame. Written on the frame are things that Evan said about me. They include, "Nice, reads me books, cooks me pizza, gives me PopTarts" and there is a "beautiful" but he doesn't remember saying that one.

Friday some of our wonderful friends volunteered to watch the kids for us so we could go on a much-needed date. Steve and I enjoyed several hours of uninterrupted time together, and it was great!! We got to watch the new Wolverine movie and go out to dinner. The movie was a lot of fun; I always enjoy a good X-Men movie! I didn't want to wait in any of the crowds that had gathered at the restaurants, so we enjoyed a quick and still yummy buffet at DoubleDave's. Afterwards we talked as we walked around some of the nearby stores. It wasn't really part of my Mother's Day, but it was SO nice! Oh, and I got roses at the beginning of the date and they are still beautifully decorating my table!

Yesterday I had a mostly relaxing morning with the boys while Steve took care of some yardwork. Then I went shopping by myself (which usually makes it much less stressful for me). When I got home Steve and the boys grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner while I relaxed on the couch. After dinner I got to watch an old Cary Grant movie that I had never heard of before, People Will Talk. What a lovely evening!

This morning I was treated to breakfast in bed while Steve and the boys ate breakfast on the floor around me. (We only have one breakfast-in-bed tray and the boys are a little ... rambunctious sometimes.) Steve and Joel had made some yummy waffles that were served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Apparently Evan wasn't in the mood to help today. And that's Evan's waffle, but it gives you an idea of what mine looked like.

After church today, Steve surprised me by taking me out to eat for lunch. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Fish City Grill, and Steve "let" me order Peach Tea with my fried shrimp poboy. We walked around the mall for a little and let the boys play at the water fountain and the playground before heading home. I finished off the day with a nice long nap!!

Technically the day isn't finished yet, and I hope to give myself a pedicure and enjoy a movie with Steve tonight. Even if that doesn't happen, though, my guys have made me feel very special today! Since beginning to write this blog, Joel and Evan have made my day even better. The conversation went something like this:
Joel: Mom, you look handsome.
Me: Thanks, Joel! That is so sweet of you!
Evan (shouting from another room, so as not to be outdone): Mom, you look handsome!
Me: Thanks, Evan! That is so sweet of you, too!
Joel: Mom, you look handsome because I love you.
Evan (still shouting from another room): You look handsome because you look good!

Ahh, there are lots of tough days, but I love being a mom to these boys!

I hope that all of you moms out there also had special time with your loved ones this weekend and that all of you kids had special time with your mom!


steele family said...

Love that picture of the 3 of you! Happy Mother's Day.

Rebecca said...

That's so sweet!!! What a special day...

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