Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More fall activities

And there will be even more to come! But this is a recap of last weekend.

On Saturday we went to a local nursery to get some ideas for landscaping, but more importantly, to enjoy their fall festival. It was a really neat event with a petting zoo, face painting, hay maze, hay ride, a fire engine tour, flower pot decorating and pansy plating for the kids, popcorn, drinks, food coupons, a visit from the Chick-Fil-A cow, and a "guess how much the pumpkin weighs" station. The best part is that it was all free! Joel loved the petting zoo and asked today when he could go to it again. (Evan wouldn't even go in the petting zoo.) Evan wanted to get his face painted, but the line was too long and too slow-moving. (There was only one lady doing the painting, and her work was very intricate. It was beautiful, but very time-consuming.) I think that Evan's favorite part was the hay maze or the hay ride. He also enjoyed getting a new plant. (Joel wouldn't do that one.) It was fun, but very tiring for the old folks (Steve and me).

After the festival we went to the library's Spooktacular to vote for the pumpkins. (We will go to the library later this week to see the results.) The Spooktacular was set up in the conference room at the library and it was a little too scary for Joel. Evan was a little scared by one part, but he handled it pretty well.

Sunday afternoon Evan went to a carnival-themed birthday party for a little girl in his class. It was really cute and set up with a bunch of carnival games for the kids to play. Costumes were optional, but Evan wanted to wear one. I didn't have this year's ready, so he wore an old one and went as Batman. It was in the high 70's or low 80's, but he never complained about the turtleneck and sweatpants. Anything for Batman, apparently.


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