Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet the pumpkins ... and Marvin!

Joel's mean spider pumpkin
Joel likes playing with his pumpkin. He doesn't understand that it is not a toy. He likes it so much that he decided to not enter it into the decorated pumpkin contest at the library, because we would have to leave it there.

Evan's pink alien pumpkin, with Marvin

Evan brought Marvin home from school for the weekend. Marvin gets to do what Evan does and we get to journal about it. Marvin helped Evan decide how to decorate his pumpkin for the contest. Evan considered keeping his pumpkin at home, too, but I told him we could pick it back up next week so he decided to enter it. He seems to be motivated by the prospect of receiving a prize for his pumpkin.

My pumpkin

It's hard to see the hair from the first picture, and the second picture isn't much better. It's cool hair made from a funky type of yarn. I am not into witches, but we kept seeing an animated witch at Wal-Mart, and it completely captivated Joel. He doesn't know that it is a witch, though. He calls her "the purple woman". So I decided that the stem would make a wonderful purple woman nose. I almost made it into an elephant, but I asked Joel which he wanted me to make and he chose the purple woman.


steele family said...

those are so cute! you guys did a great job. my girls just slathered paint on them until we were out of paint.

Michelle said...

These are very impressive pumpkins! We thought we were doing good just to carve a little face into ours!? Super cute!

jenn said...

WOW! Very creative decorations!! When do they announce the winners?

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