Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just some observations ...

from the boys.

1. Evan saw a police car that was white on the top and black on the sides. He said, "Hey, mom! That police car looks like a skunk!" I doubt that is the look that the police department was going for, but when you're right, you're right!

2. Evan and I were discussing Noah's ark on the way home from church one week. I told him that the ark only had one door, just like there is only one way to get to heaven. I asked him if he knew what that way was and he said yes. I thought, "Oh, I have done a good job of teaching him." When I then asked him what that way is, he confidently replied, "Straight up!"

3. Last night Joel asked his dad why he (Joel) disobeyed so much that day. Steve started a discussion (or monologue) about sin and how Jesus came to take our sin away. Joel listened for about a minute and then interrupted Steve to say, "Dad, you have green circle eyes, and you have black circle eyes." The conversation ended there. However, I was impressed that Joel noticed Steve's eye color, since Steve can't even tell you that.

4. At the zoo I smelled something foul in the rhino area. I made the mistake of saying, "Whoa, do you guys smell that rhino poop!" I have been hearing about rhino poop from Joel ever since then. Today he asked who changed the rhino's diaper. I tried to explain that rhinos just poop on the ground. I then had to explain that all animals do that. His next question was about who wiped the rhino after he pooped. So much to figure out about how the world works when you are only 2.


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