Friday, April 4, 2008


Apparently when it rains, it pours around here. Yesterday I had one of those moments when it seemed to be too quiet in the house and Joel was conspicuously out of sight. He had gotten into the bag balm (which is a really thick vaseline-type diaper rash treatment) and spread it all around his room. He had gotten into it the other day and spread it all over himself and the kitchen floor. Later we found some on the hall wall, too. He got in trouble for this, so I was a little surprised that he did it again. Should I have been surprised - no! It took a while to clean up, and I still need to wash his curtains, but we survived. ;) Here are some pictures of what he did. Notice the yellow stuff on the carpet - that's bag balm.

Then we left the kids with some babysitters for the evening. When we got home the kids were asleep, so I peeked in on them to enjoy their sleeping cuteness. I noticed a lot of "fluff" on the floor of Evan's room. I thought he had torn apart his quilt or pillow, but I finally found the offended item - a stuffed toy. Are little girls this destructive or is it just boys?

**UPDATE** Evan informed me today that Joel is the one who tore up his toy, and that he (Evan) was very upset about it. Evan has been known to falsely accuse Joel before, but in this case I am leaning toward believing Evan.
But, there was some cause for celebration yesterday. The reason we left for the evening was that Steve was given a special award at work and the awards banquet was last night. This award is called a "Technical Honors" award and is based on peer reviews, so that makes it even more special. The ceremony was very nice and we were treated to a very tasty dinner. I also received an "award" for being such a supportive spouse - the centerpiece! It was a very special evening for Steve and I am very proud of him.


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