Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (Belated)

We had a busy, but fun, Valentine's day. We started the day off with a breakfast of heart-shaped French toast (with a little Nutella on top - a chocolatey spread), eggs, and bacon. This was Evan's favorite part of the day, although I only have a picture of Joel with breakfast.

For lunch we had heart-shaped cheese, turkey, and crackers. This was Joel's favorite part of the day. In the afternoon we had to go to Target to get some supplies for dinner. On the way there we stopped at Sonic and got cherry limeades. They weren't heart-shaped, but the were pink. For dinner I made pasta with bolognese meat sauce, strawberry spinach salad, and toasted strawberries stuffed with chocolate for dessert. (To sum up: the theme for today's food was hearts and the color red.)

After Dad got home we got to open our presents. The boys each got a treat tin and a book to share. Evan declared that he didn't like the book before it was even read. Oh well. I am pretty sure that he will like it once he reads it. He did like the card that I made for him, although he wasn't interested in what I had written inside. ;)

I had actually gotten my present earlier in the day. When I walked into the kitchen that morning I was greeted by a vase of beautiful red roses and an even more beautiful note from Steve. This was my favorite part of the day!

I showed the flowers to Evan and his eyes got big and he said, "I'm going to give Daddy a hug when he gets home!" Such gratitude! I liked that part of the day, too.


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