Saturday, February 23, 2008

Catching up

It's been a while since I have written, and the reason is that I took a little trip out of town. I went back to my old stomping grounds in Mississippi and got to visit a lot of family there. The occasion for the trip was not so nice since I was going back mainly for a funeral (for my sister-in-law Aundrea's mom), but it was nice to get to see my family. I didn't get to visit everyone that I had intended to, but I was glad to get good reports on those that I did visit. Since I have two 2nd cousins graduating in May, it looks like that will be our next trip back to Mississippi. Hopefully then we will be able to visit even more of the family. {I am sure that Aundrea and her family would appreciate your prayers during this time. There was also a lot of sickness going around MS, too, so the family there could probably use some extra prayers, too.}

Steve took off from work to stay home with the boys while I was gone. I think that they had a lot of fun. They played outside on a playground and inside on the Wii - with a new game that they found while I was gone. I sure did miss them all while I was gone, and I was glad that they seemed happy to see me when I got back home today. They even made me a huge "welcome home" cookie, which we were all delighted to enjoy together.

You might remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that I was starting an exercise program. The first two weeks went really well, but the third week I got sick so I got a little derailed. I had planned to make this past week my official 3rd week (of the 6-week program), but the travels messed with that plan a little as well. I was able to do all of my walking for the week, but not all of the strength training. The diet was a little off, also, since I enjoyed the MS foods that I don't get very often. I am still counting it as week 3, though, and tomorrow will start week 4. I really hope that I can stick with it all this week and see some real progress!

Well, guess that's it for a while. I am caught up now, except on sleep, so it is time for bed. Good night!


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