Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Likes awards"

That was a phrase that Evan used to describe himself for a school assignment just one day before his 4th 6 weeks awards assembly. I had to smile when I saw it (as I was helping in the classroom as the time) because it is very true. He seems to have inherited his father's and mother's type-A school personality. He received 3 awards at his first awards assembly (honor roll, perfect attendance, and Pearson Pride). The next one assembly he "only" received 1 award (honor roll) and seemed a little disappointed. We discussed that you can't get every award every time, and he seemed to understand.

At this most recent assembly he received 4 awards. He was very excited! (He thinks that makes this the best 6 weeks he has had so far. ) He was on the honor roll again and also got Pearson Pride for his class again. This was the first 6 weeks for the first-graders to participate in AR (accelerated reading), and he got an award for reaching his AR goal. The librarian also selected one student from each class as a Strong Reader, and he got that award from his class, too. She took his picture and will post it on the bulletin board outside of the library. I had my camera on Friday, so I was able to take some pictures of him, too. The girl in the picture with him is our carpool buddy who got the other Pearson Pride from his class. Look closely at the picture of his back and see if you notice anything interesting - about his feet specifically.

I also had my camera with me on Thursday when I was helping in his classroom. I happened to be there when he was giving his presentation on his George Washington Carver poster, so I got a picture of that, too.
He read the parts he had written and was able to talk about it, too. I admit that I decided how the poster would be done, but he did read about George Washington Carver and we did talk about him a lot. So he did learn about him for this project.


Michelle said...

Wow--what a great kid!! You must be so proud of him, and for good reason! Congratulations to Evan!

p.s. I love the Valentine picture! Yall all look super cute!

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