Monday, February 15, 2010

Vivify Valentine's

Can you guess what the word of the day is on

We did have some rip-roaring fun for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I can't post all of the pictures of the boys on the blog. (You will understand once I describe the after-dinner festivities.)

The day started with (whole wheat) chocolate chip muffins and strawberries on the side for breakfast. I contemplated putting the strawberries in the muffins, but Steve didn't think that sounded good, so I decided to experiment another time.

After church we took some pictures, and then just spent time together. No one was all that hungry, but after a couple of hours I made a spinach-artichoke dip that we ate with pita chips. Everyone (except Evan) enjoyed the dip, and it is a lower calorie and fat alternative to the restaurant dips. While snacking on that (and apples) we broke open a game I won from another blog and started tackling Twisted Fish. It is like Go Fish, but with more twists and challenges. I highly recommend it for older kids. (Joel is too young to play it, but the rest of us loved it.) We played several rounds until it was time to get dinner ready.

For dinner, we enjoyed fiesta ranch sliders with homemade wheat rolls and sweet potato fries. The dessert was red velvet cookies that were pretty good, if I do say so myself. (I got the recipe from another blog.) Dinner was a hit for everyone, which was a little surprising. The only other time we tried to have sliders was at a Chili's and the boys refused to eat them. They loved these, though, so I was very thankful.After dinner, the boys played Captain Underpants and both asked for wedgies from Steve and I. When we did not comply, they decided to give them to each other. Steve did get some blackmail pictures, but I am showing great restraint by not posting them here.

In other exciting news, Evan read his first chapter book this weekend. Can you guess what it was? Captain Underpants, of course!


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