Friday, March 5, 2010

It's been how long?!?

Well, I have been neglecting my little blog again, I see. Part of the reason is that I was sick. Part of the reason is that I started a new blog. Part of the reason is that I was waiting for something really cool to say. That hasn't happened, but I will share some recent pictures and activities with the boys.

I found out a birthday party of one of Evan's classmates that he is one of the heart-throbs in his class. I had no idea because he really only talks about the boys in his class - and the one girl that was in his kindergarten class and that we carpool with. She's okay because he already knew her and "she doesn't like girl stuff; she likes boy stuff." I have sense seen some evidence of this myself, and it cracked me up. One of the girls from his class was in a car a couple of cars back form the stop sign where we were waiting to cross. She started yelling "Hey, Evan!" very loudly. Our carpool buddy was with us, but she didn't get the same greeting. I had to tell Evan to respond to the yelled greeting that he had to have heard.

This morning Joel decided that our peach tree is now a girl tree because it has pink flowers on it. He didn't know what it was before. Also, just for the record, he told me the other day that pink was his favorite color.

Since we are enjoying a quite day at home today (just Joel, me, and the laundry and dishes) he has been having a lot of fun using his imagination. He asked to get the dinosaurs out first. He played with them for a little while. I had to get picture of this "creation" of his.Since I got a picture of it, he wanted to direct a photoshoot with some of the other dinosaurs. These are some of the resulting photos. I think I should have used a different setting (like I almost did), but Joel doesn't seem to mind.

Then he picked up all of the dinosaurs and got the Legos out. This is the castle he made today. He makes a lot of castles, but this one was pretty unique for him.
Now he is outside being a knight who put on a breastplate - or something like that. Nope - he moved on to diggin in the dirt with construction toys. It is a gorgeous day and he is enjoying himself! He has been asking for lunch (since breakfast) so I think I will call him in now. After that, we can both go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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