Thursday, December 10, 2009

A mixed review

Today I was able to see the orthopedist to find out what is really wrong with my tail(bone). I have to say that I was getting very discouraged about this appointment. I called the office on Monday to talk to someone to find out if coming in would be helpful or not. I didn't get a call back until yesterday (that's 2 days). I was able to get an appointment for 8 o'clock this morning, which at first seemed like a good thing. Then I started thinking, "Why was I able to get in so fast? Are they not that busy?" Now, they only had 2 openings for today, so maybe it was just a fluke.

So, I got there a little before 8 since I needed to fill out new patient forms. Then I waited ... and waited ... and waited. They didn't call any patients back to rooms until almost 8:30 and then they called 3 back at one time. An x-ray tech came in and said that they would need an x-ray. I told him the ER did one and he said he would try to access it on the computer. So, I waited some more. I then hear the doctor (my new doctor) talking about me to the tech. I also hear him talking to another patient (who had arrived after me). This is where I am really getting discouraged.

The x-ray tech came in and said that the ER didn't take the x-ray from the right angle, so they can't really see it all. So, I got to take a new set of x-rays today. After a few more minutes the doctor came in and told me that the coccyx was fractured. It happened during my fall about 3 weeks ago, and I irritated it last Thursday. From talking to the doc at the ER and the office staff here, I had assumed I would need an MRI. The doc today said that I didn't need one. He assumed there was soft tissue damage, but there's not really anything else to do for it. He said it just needs rest to heal, and he gave me a prescription for a new anti-inflammatory. Hopefully this one won't leave me feeling so "loopy" and I will be able to keep taking it.

So, I wasn't real happy about the new office to begin with, but I think the last 5-10 minutes salvaged the situation. I was glad to have a diagnosis and medicine, and the time with the doctor did seem productive. Now I just get to rest my tail for a few weeks!


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