Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Many Days of Christmas

Since we were traveling for Christmas, we decided to let the boys open some presents before we left. This meant that we had less to carry and they had one big present from us that would hopefully make the trip better for all of us. (Disclaimer: I realize that these "days of Christmas" don't line up with the traditional days of Christmas.)

On the first day of Christmas, their Aunt Jenn gave to them - games to play with the family.
(December 19)

On the second day of Christmas, their parents gave to them - Nintendo DS-es to play in the car
(December 20)

On the third day of Christmas, their parents gave to them - another game for the DS
(December 21)

On the fourth day if Christmas their parents gave to them - books to read before bed in the hotel
(December 22)

On the fifth day of Christmas, they arrived at their grandparents' house, and opened the door! (And we decided that was present enough for December 23)

On the sixth day of Christmas, after Jesus' birthday cake
their parents gave to them - new jammies to wear on Christmas Eve(December 24)

On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa gave to them - a green lightsaber
and a San Diego Chargers jersey
(December 25)

On the eighth day of Christmas, their grandparents gave to them - a trip to see the ZooLights(December 26)

On the ninth day of Christmas, their parents gave to them - a trip to play in the snow!(December 27)

But through it all, I hope that we didn't lose sight of the fact that we celebrate Christmas as a remembrance of the greatest gift ever given to us - forgiveness and wholeness that is only possible because God chose to become man, live with us, and pay the penalty for our wrongs Himself. Thank you, God - for your wonderful gift!!!


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