Sunday, September 13, 2009


Moderator note: Melissa did not write this. Steve did.

Joel wants to be a rock star... Unfortunately, my positive influence - the various blues and jazz electric guitars & effects in my closet - did not work to appropriately shape his direction. Apparently I do not get that stuff out enough anymore, and the pleasant acoustic guitar instrumentals I do play just don't keep his interest. No, but the five chord hard rock song "Rockstar" by Third Day does!

Now I do listen to rock from time to time, but Third Day is not even in my personal top 50 for cool rock bands... Melissa likes them though. At least the lyrics for the song are positive. Actually, Joel changes them around from "I wanna be a rock star, but I ain't got what it takes", to much more interesting things like "I wanna be a rock star, but I don't have a guitar for a concert", which he plays using his light saber as a guitar. Clearly, he's already into rock song writing.

His first homework for preschool was to decorate a picture of himself. Here's the results - with just a little help from Melissa:

So, to try to dissuade him from his chosen career path, I used the power of YouTube to show him a video of Third Day playing "Rockstar" live. He jumped around for a while, before noticing that there was a Lego version. Ahh, Lego stop time video's of Third Day songs, Joel laughed hysterically for almost the whole song. Actually, he used his fake laugh to coincide with the part I thought legitamately funny.

Here's the link:

Parents really should be more careful what their kids listen to...


jenn said...

His "Mini-Joel" looks just like him, and I love the blue guitar!! :)

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