Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet and sour

This morning Joel was snuggling with me in my bed when he looked up at me said, "Mommy, when can I marry you?" All those days of struggling with his strong will just faded away when I heard that. Since then, his strong will has reared it's head again, but I am trying to focus on the sweet heart that lies beneath it.

First Joel said he loved me this much (6 fingers raised). Then he said he loved me this much (10 fingers). Then he said he loved me even more, by flashing his 10 fingers a bunch of times. (It was the first time I had seen him flash his fingers like that.)


Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

I have moments like those, too, and they just melt my heart and remind me that I really do have sweet children. Hope you get feeling better soon!

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