Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

Today we got up early to gather with our church family and celebrate Easter. The boys seemed to be in it for the donuts provided to the early birds and the cookies awaiting us at home. We had a beautiful service at church, and have been having a lovely day at home since then. The resurrection cookies were good; we hid some (plastic) eggs in the house; the boys (all three) played with Legos; we watched "The Easter Carol" by VeggieTales; we are now playing again and waiting for some friends to come over.

We hope that you are also enjoying this day, but most importantly that you are able to rejoice in the hope of eternal life - a free gift - made available to you through Christ's death and resurrection.

He is risen indeed!!


Missy said...

The boys look so handsome in their Easter duds!

steele family said...

Happy Easter !

Anonymous said...

The boys are soooo handsome. I cannot wait to see them again. They are growing up so fast. Love you guys, Sheranda

The Steele Family said...

email me sometime

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