Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching up ... a little

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would share some random happenings today.

First:Joel and I were in the paper (our local, once-a-week paper)! This was from the storytime at McDonald's that we love. (2 local McDonald's each host it once a month and we try to attend both each month.) There was a photographer there the last time, and I was thankful that I wasn't wearing jammies and had done my hair.

After Bible study on Wednesday's Joel always want to get a sucker from some of the office staff. It used to be Ms. Tammy, the children's director, but then he found out that Pastor Mark has big suckers so he has become the go-to-guy. (Big suckers are full size Tootsie Pops, in case you were wondering.) Anywhoo, yesterday Joel got his sucker and then we went to Pastor Aaron's for a brief meeting. Psator Aaron had Girl Scout cookies and offered to share with Joel if it was okay with me. I told Joel he could have one (remember he already had a sucker). After Joel took the sucker I said, "What do you say?" Joel immediately replied, "I want two." Thankfully Pastor Aaron has grandkids and thought this was funny. I promptly explained that we should say thank you, but I am not sure that Joel got it. Later Joel asked me if Pastor Aaron was going to eat all of the cookies. Pastor Aaron said that he would share them with other people and that he would share some with Joel next time he saw him. Joel wanted to make sure he heard this right so he asked, somewhat incredulously, "You are going to share me with them?" (He mixes his words up sometimes.)

Meet Evan, our one-man-band (kazoo, tambourine, and xylophone). He really makes his dad proud when he does stuff like this. He actually was doing a pretty good job, but I can't remember what song it was right now.

I actually exercised today! Yay for me! It has been way too long and it felt good. I pushed Joel on his bike around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes. Joel couldn't understand why we weren't going to the park, but he decided by the end that the ride was fun. (Bike rides with Dad usually end at the park up the road from our house. That would have been fun, but the park is part of an elementary school, so no dice this morning.) We are planning to do it again tomorrow. Since Evan doesn't have school on Fridays, he wil be able to go with us, too.


rebekah said...

cool(newspaper) haha(Evan as a musician)!!!

Scribbit said...

I've skipped my exercising for two weeks now and I've GOT to get back on!

steele family said...

That is so cool that you guys made it in the paper.

Audra, Brett, and Eden Cain said...

Your boys are so handsome and I bet they don't have a bit of personality! Hope you have a great week!

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