Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In 20 years I see ...

There is a little girl in Evan's class who always makes a point of talking to me when she sees me. We'll call her "H". I was joking to my one of my friends about how she seems to be trying to "butter me up" and how she could be my future daughter-in-law. Well, lo and behold, Evan comes home from school with this picture! I knew that he hadn't drawn it, so I asked him about it. He smiled a cute, kind-of-goofy smile, and told me that it was from H. I asked what the heart meant and he said, "Love". I asked what holding hands meant, and he said, "Friends!" He apparently gave her a painting to take home that day, too, but it was just a bunch of colors on a paper plate. He told us that he "forgot to put a heart on it."

I know 20 years is a long time from now, but this could be the beginning of something. I think her mom and I need to talk a little more. Better safe, than sorry, I say! ;)


jacjewelry said...

Too cute - wouldn't it be something if they did get married?! You could save this picture and show it to everyone at the wedding. :)

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