Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stop the insanity, please!!

So, is everyone ready for today's "Joel destruction" update? I hope so, because I need to vent!

The kid was exhausted. I put him to bed. Did he stay there and sleep? No. He went into my bedroom and bathroom again. This time I found:
1. an empty bottle of fingernail polish remover (with contents presumably under his bed)
2. a concoction of blue toothpaste and foot lotion under the bed (presumably with the fingernail polish remover mixed in) - with the containers and lids also under the bed
3. Mary Kay facial cleanser squirted out on his play table (at least not all of it) - probably what he was working on when he got interrupted
4. a concoction of night-blooming jasmine body cream from Bath & Body Works and Dove lotion with self-tanners underneath the play table - He didn't empty the containers, but he used a lot.

So, I am waiting for Steve to get home and help Joel clean up his mess. (I am still recovering from bronchitis and just don't have it in me to tackle this right now. I will help when Steve gets home.)

Also, I am wondering if carpet tans.


Scribbit said...

My brother Luke was a terror at night, he'd pull down curtains, strip off wallpaper, you name it. My parents finally bought a harness and put him in it, cinched it up tight enough that he couldn't get out of bed and that solved the problem :) Though they laugh about it now and say that child services nowadays would never have let them get away with it.

My Mom would totally sympathize with you!

scott * nicole * cade * jack * claire said...

Carpet doesn't tan, but it does turn a streaky orange.

jenn said...

WOW ... I'm speechless. Where does he come up with this stuff?!?

Rebecca said...


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