Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentines … Presidents … Tuesday!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I was sick over the weekend. I went to the doctor yesterday and got medicine, and I do believe that it is beginning to work. Steve was wonderful over the weekend and let me get plenty of rest. I am sure that helped, too! Here is a recap of our past few days.Thursday was the day for Evan's Valentine's party at school. He made this neat "lovebug" box to hold his valentine's. He received the "most original" award for his hard work.Friday night Steve took the kids to McDonald's so I could get some much-needed rest. When they got home, Joel didn't want to bring his cup in the house. He thought I would get on to him because they "weren't supposed to go there". Steve had to tell him that it was okay that they went there two or three times before Joel believed him. Not sure where he got that from, but I am not excited about the sneaky behavior that it demonstrates. (Notice he didn't have a problem with going there, just bringing the evidence into the house where I could see it.)

Saturday was the big day, but I was sick so we didn't do much celebrating. I had already given Steve his present. He took the kids shopping and got the last ingredients I needed to make a special cake for the boys (and Steve). Unfortunately, the boys didn't obey on this trip, so they didn't get cake until the next day. I got a beautiful miniature rose bush and some flavored coffee beans as my gift. Evan has been drawing me beautiful pictures, too.

Another interesting thing happened with Joel on Saturday, too. Steve found an empty KitKat wrapper beside Joel and asked him if he ate it. He said no and Steve asked again. Joel said, "No, see there's no candy in there." Hmmm ... we need to work on logic with this one!

Sunday saw the boys going to church while I stayed home and rested. I wanted to rest yesterday, too, but Evan was off from school and I needed to go to the doctor. Things went pretty well until we had to go to Target to get my medicine. It's better to just forget about that part of the day.

Things are mostly back to normal today. Evan is at school and Joel and I are still in our jammies. Today will hopefully continue to be restful. Scratch that. Joel is trying to climb on me now. Maybe tomorrow will be restful. ;)


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