Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boy am I sore!

Yesterday was an exciting day for some of us. We went to a birthday party in a warehouse full of bounce houses! The party was for a set of twins in Evan's class. He had a good time playing with his friends and people he met at the party. I went down the two big slides and sustained one injury. I noticed the sign that said to remove our glasses, but it didn't "click" until I face planted at the bottom of the first slide. Joel didn't like the bounce houses and we were trying to show him how much fun they were. We were at the top of the slide with him, and I said, "Watch Mommy go down like Superman!" Then I went face first on my tummy. Everything went well until I reached the bottom and seemed to stall - and then the face plant. I went quickly to another mom and asked if I was bleeding. I was, so I rushed to the bathroom to clean it up before the boys saw it. This was not quite the outcome that I had hoped for, but I was fine. It didn't help Joel any and after a few more minutes he and Daddy went to another room that had some chairs and a tv. Joel used to love bounce houses, but not yesterday! I don't know if it is a stage he is going through, or if the room of bounce houses was intimidating. It was certainly loud!

Last week I seemed really tired, so it was hard to do my exercises early on. Friday and Saturday I walked and did my strength training. Then I bounced some at the party. I guess all of these things combined to make for some very sore thighs! I can hardly walk (it's kind of like a waddle until I get going). If I stand with straight knees I lose control of my legs. I haven't had a leg problem like this in years! I hope I end up with some good results! ;)

I also thought I would share some of a conversation from our van today on the way to church.

Evan: Dad, when I am an adult and Joel is not can we um, um .... (Joel starts up with something and gets him off track)
Dad, when I am adult, like 12, and Joel is like 10 can we ...

The rest isn't really important, and it took a long time to get to the point, but it involved playing a game and who would win. I laughed a lot at all of this and decided that was a good ab workout for the day.


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