Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carrying on the tradition

I am very thankful that we were able to make it to Mississippi for Uncle Bobby's funeral. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate his life with the rest of the family. Steve and I had decided that we would stand in the back of the church during the service, so that if the boys got rowdy we could leave with them. Unfortunately it was so crowded that we were standing in the foyer, and it was difficult to hear. I took Joel (who was very sleepy and laying on my shoulder) into the church and we sat in a metal folding chair in the aisle. Of course, Joel decided at some point that he wanted to get down and sit in his own metal chair. Then he realized that it would make noise if he hit it. I gave him a look and he did it again. Then I tried ignoring him, but he did it more, trying to guarantee that he would get my attention. The whole time he had a devilish smile on his face. So, we had to leave the service.

After the service we went to Uncle Bobby and Aunt Gloria's house to spend some more time with the family. Steve and I were inside the house and the boys had been outside for a while. Some of my uncles and cousins started telling stories. Then one of my cousins quietly waved at me and motioned me to look out the door. There was Joel playing in a mud puddle, in his good clothes, and soaking wet. When Evan saw that Joel wasn't getting in trouble, he decided to play in the puddle, too. Joel asked for a towel, so I asked him if we was done in the puddle. He said no. I let them play for a while longer, then they both got baths and clean clothes. One of the things that Uncle Bobby was known for was being a prankster, so I had to think that if was seeing Joel's antics from up in heaven that he was probably smiling.

Joel's pants were hanging down below his diaper, from the weight of the mud in his pants.
He also had mud on his face and in his hair. The next day I found some in his ear that had escaped the bath.

Evan at the scene of the crime.

Just in case you were wondering, the clothes and shoes got washed the next day and everything but the socks came out alright.


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