Thursday, March 6, 2008

More snow?

Not for us - again. It stopped just north of us with some areas getting heavy snow today. We still have a chance of flurries overnight and in the morning, but we won't get anywhere close to the 3-5 inches that they were predicting for our area earlier today. I charged up the camera and camcorder batteries, but so far all that has happened around here is rain. And overnight it should get below freezing. (Lots of rain + freezing temperatures = ice on the roads.) Oh well.

Tonight was supposed to be Steve's awards banquet for work, but it got postponed due to the weather. We were looking forward to a night out and a nice meal, but at least they postponed it and didn't cancel it altogether. In case you didn't know, Steve got a Tech Honors award from work this year. It is an award based on peer reviews, so it is a nice honor. (I like to brag on him.)

So, will we actually get snow later tonight? I don't know, but I will keep you posted.


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