Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Festivities

It's so hard to believe that my first born is having his last single-digit birthday this year!  He has been planning his party for about a month, and we were excited to have it all come together this past weekend.  We were thankful for the beautiful weather since this party was a flag football party in the park near our house.

We had a few activities for the early arrivers.  The kids got to apply some "eye black" tattoos and make some football keychains.  There was a football toss game, too, but they were most interested in playing the real football game!

Some of the kids had never played football before, but they all did really well!  They learned the game and really got into it.  Steve stayed on the field with them and tried to make sure that they all got some playing time, and got to try out different positions, too.

After some hard playing time on the field, it was time to replenish with food.  After lunch it was time for cake.  Evan had requested a lemon-lime cake, so I searched around and found a recipe for a light summer cake. 
Then it was time to open presents.  He got some fun presents, including some soccer balls.  The guys then all went back onto the field to play soccer.  They had a lot of fun, but I was watching and talking to the parents, so I didn't get any pics of the soccer.

After we got home, Evan got to open his present from his grandparents.  They gave him a badminton set and we have all been having SO much fun with it in the backyard!  Unfortunately, we need to replenish our supply of birdies soon.  The bushes seem to be eating them. 

Tomorrow will be his actual birthday, and I am trying to plan something extra-fun for him.  He gets out of school early, so I am trying to find a cool diversion for us for the afternoon. 


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