Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Mother of All Days

or, Happy Mother's Day!

Since we have moved I have been thinking about my mom more.  Really, I think about her a lot so I am not sure that it has been more, but it does seem like it.  I still miss her like crazy and wish that she was here ... to know my boys, teach me how to can, spend time together, let me sit in her lap, etc.  (Yes, I still sat in her lap even after I was "grown" and married.)  Recently I have been remembering all the times that I and my nieces and nephews sat in her lap or laid our heads in her lap while we were in church.  Since my children have been raised in churches that have children's church I haven't really done that with them.  But our church here has the kids stay in the service with the parents a few times each year.  Once a month they stay out just for the singing.  About 4 times a year they stay for the whole service.  Today was one of those days.  And I had both of the boys laying on me or sitting in my lap for most of the service.  And it was nice.  And I thought of my mom and smiled instead of crying.

Joel woke me up this morning to give me my present.  It was shaped like a purse, and you opened it up to see two pages he had made.  I am sharing the second page since it is where he really wrote. 

I am irritated that this pic got flipped, and I can't flip it back.  But anyway, can you make it all out?  Apparently the only "work" that he knows that I do is "working" out.  And some days he has to go shopping with me when he gets out of school.
Evan gave me my presents at breakfast.  He had decorated a mug, made a flower, and made a card for me.  I am sharing the flower because that's where he wrote. 
You may have to click on it to read it, but my favorite is "Without you I'd be dead."

Steve got my favorite breakfast for me - an egg mcmuffin, hashbrown, and coffee.  He also gave me some tulips, ordered a new coffee carafe (since I broke mine last week), and is currently grilling some burgers and hot dogs for me.  He was telling a friend at church that he was grilling burgers for me today and the friend was a little surprised.  He didn't expect that a woman's favorite grilled food would be burgers.  But I do love those burgers.  And I made chili to go with it.  Yum-yum!

Well, I am going to call this post done, and get back to the family.  After I say again, Happy Mother's Day!


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