Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lots of parties!

I like planning parties and this past week gave me two great opportunities to do that!  First we had Leap Day on Wednesday.  I already blogged about it, so let's move on to Friday's celebration - Dr. Seuss's birthday!

This one was more last minute, but I also already had most of the stuff I needed, so I decided to go for it.  We started off normally enough, but for lunch we had green eggs and ham.  That was supplemented with one fish, two fish, red fish (but no blue fish because they were colored naturally).  Dessert was the cat in the hat's hat.  Oh, and the beverage was pink ink - like the Yinks drink.  Evan had the same lunch with a note explaining it all.  He is normally blase about his lunches from home, but he really liked this one.  It made it all worth it!

For our after school snack, we had more fish, but this time they were in a jello sea with whipped topping waves.

Joel asked if the fish were salmon.  They do kind of look like it, huh ...

After that, we read some Dr. Seuss books.   Actually, I had Evan read There's a Wocket in My Pocket on the way to school that morning.  Then after snack I had Joel start reading Great Day for Up!  I finished it, and then read Oh, The Places You'll Go!

For dinner I had already planned on making a spinach and pesto lasagna.  I knew this would not sound good to the boys, so in honor of the day I decided to rename it "Grinchy Lasagna".  Evan ate it right up, but Joel wanted to know what was in it.  I wouldn't tell him, so he wouldn't eat it.  If I had told him, he wouldn't have eaten it either.  He did get a couple of bites down.  He will not be happy when we have leftovers. 

So, as far as I know the next holiday we get to celebrate is St. Patrick's Day.  Plans are under way.  Joel will also be working on a leprechaun trap for his classroom at school, so "stay tuned" for more exciting updates on that adventure. 

Evan will begin work on his science fair project (hopefully) soon.  I am trying to talk Joel into doing a project, too, but he only wants to do the leprechaun trap.  That is what I foresee in our immediate future, but I am sure more stuff will pop up!


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