Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Kinder Star of Stage

Joel's first school program was last night, and it was so cute!  The kindergarten and 1st grade students performed "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears". 
 Here is my precious little bear.

It was fun to watch him interacting with other kids in his class before the program started.  It confirmed how well he has adapted to being here.  He had come out of his shell so much in the last year or so in Texas, and I was concerned that the move would be hard for him.  So far he seems quite happy.  He has made lots of friends, even being in school for half a day while most of the kids in his class are there all day.

Here is my precious ham. 
(He also had them turned around to the front while upside down and they looked like blinders.  I couldn't get a pic of that, though.)

We got some video of him, too, but I haven't figured out how to download it from Evan's camera to the computer yet.  Hopefully I can figure that out soon and update the post.


Carla Villanueva said...

He is SO cute. Sure do miss his smile. What an answer to prayer that he is thriving in a new school, city, etc.

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