Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still learning and adjusting

We are still working on the house, but I am glad to report that we are continuing to get stuff done.  For example: my quilt rack is put together and has quilts displayed on it and there are some pictures on some of the walls!  I am almost ready to take pictures of the finished house. Of course, I need to clean up some, too.  I find it harder to decorate and clean.  Today will be another fun day of working in the craft room.  I have to do it in little steps at a time, since it is a little overwhelming trying to find room to store all of the stuff that I have accumulated.  And I get distracted by thinking about the projects that I want to be working on instead of just finding a place for everything.

But it's not all work around here!  Steve and the boys went into Seattle last week to visit the Experience Music Project.  This was one of the attractions in our city pass, and I wasn't really that interested in it.  Of course, Steve was interested so he took the boys and they had a great time, while I had some alone, quiet time at the house.  Since I didn't go, there aren't pictures to share this time.  Maybe next time I will remind Evan to take his new camera so he can take pictures.  We did get a "video" of Evan in the Avatar exhibit. 

The boys are still doing well in school.  Joel is learning to read and spell.  It is quite fun!  He is proud of himself when he reads something correctly, but also gets frustrated if the words are hard.  Yesterday I decided he was getting frustrated because he was tired.  I told him to lay down for a rest and he cried that he wasn't tired.  We finally each settled on a separate couch in the living room and both took naps.  We both felt better afterwards. 

We have introduced the boys to the game Clue and they are both hooked on it!  It was a little rough with Joel with the first time, but he did much better last night.  (Remember that he is a beginning reader and there's a lot of reading in that game.) 

So, that's a little of what is going on with us these days.  Hope that you are doing well and that you have a Happy Groundhog's Day!  (I forgot that was today.  What was the verdict?)


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