Wednesday, February 22, 2012

mid-mid-winter break

We are halfway through our mid-winter break and everyone is surviving pretty well!  Since we had all of these fun excursions over the weekend (Pacific Science Center and Harbor Cruise), we have had a more low-key week at home.

Monday night I headed out solo to get the needed groceries for the week and to order a new clothes dryer.  We had a scare last week that our water heater was going on, but it was just that the pilot light was out.  By the end of the week we confirmed that the dryer was going out.  We managed to get the load of laundry that had been recently washed mostly dry, but then that was it.  So we started comparison shopping and checking out the President Day sales.  We found what we thought we wanted and I went out Monday night to look at it and make sure it would work for our needs.  I was hoping it would be in stock, but it's not so we will be eagerly anticipating it's delivery in about a week and a half.  Unfortunately, there are no laundromats near here, but we do have drying racks, so we will be using those for our laundry.

Yesterday we picked up a few more groceries that I couldn't find the night before to help put together a Mardi Gras meal for last night.  We had a yummy dinner of cajun dirty rice and king cake for dessert.  We were talking about the origins of Mardi Gras and how it relates to Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter.  We were talking about the tradition of giving something up for lent and Joel volunteered to give up burping.  I did not discourage him.  ;-)  The boys also got a much-needed haircut while we were out.  They hadn't had one since October or November.  Although, I do think they could have cut Evan's hair a little less.  Neither have complained about their hair too much so I guess it was pretty successful.

Today was supposed to be rainy again, so I had planned on just staying home.  The weather surprised us with a mostly sunny day, though.  We did stay home but we did play outside.  The boys rode bikes, played with the remote control stunt car, played football, played Rescue Heroes, and played other games that they made up.  I sat out and worked on some paperwork and watched them play.  It was nice for us some to get some Vitamin D outside today!


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