Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me! Monday - updated/clarified

Hmmm ... what did I not do this past week?

Well, I did not encourage my husband to bid on a 6'x4' painting at a silent auction in the hopes that I would get a new dining room out of the deal. (Really, I didn't. But since he did win it, I am now trying to work a deal out.)

I did not take baby-wipe "baths" several times this past week because it is so stinkin' (literally) hot outside. I would always take a real bath to clean sweat and stink off of myself. (This refers to the middle of the day when I might or might not have changed clothes several times throughout a day.) I also did not skip a shower this morning because I knew I would just get sweaty taking and picking up my child from his first day of school.

I did not buzz my child's head the day before school even though he was screaming the whole time. I would have stopped if the clippers seemed to be hurting him and take him to a professional. (Who am I trying to kid with that one?)

I did not write this post just for a chance to win some Lisa Leonard jewelry, either.

Okay, that's enough true confessions for this week. Plus, my mind seems to be shutting down and I can't think of any more. ;-)


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