Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Lego Mastermind

Joel really impresses us with his Lego building skills. He doesn't follow the instructions with the kits - he just makes his own designs. He is really into castles these days. The other day he saw a jousting (or "pole fighting") set on Amazon that he wanted to order. Since it is retired, it is very expensive. Steve tried to tell him that he could make one on his own. So Monday, with his brother at school, Joel unleashed his creativity.

At first the knight on the tauntaun was jousting, but Joel wouldn't let me take a picture of them together.

The good guy and the bad guy jousting. They know which side to go on because of the shields.

Joel putting some finishing touches on the castle drawbridge defense. He had a set like this, but this one was his version on it - from memory. Below are some details from the castle.

I love how he has this guy walking.

This sword is the magic sword.

The guard is putting the bad guy in jail at the back of the castle.


daniel s said...

Aw man, how I miss those days! Tell him I like his work and want to play too!

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