Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Seahorse and The Flounder

... finished their swim lessons today! These are the same classes they took at the end of last summer, and they were still the youngest and smallest in their classes. Joel's teacher was amazed at his age, and thought he was doing quite well for a 4-year-old. I think Evan's teacher was the same.

Joel needs to be able to get to a float on his own better and to swim better on his back. Considering that most of the kids in his class are at least 2 years older than him and he was one of the best stomach swimmers and the best at getting the dive toys under the water, we are happy with his progress. I am most proud of the fact that he went to his class willingly, listened to his teacher, was engaged, and even volunteered to do things.

Evan needs to develop more endurance and get more mature muscles. When he is trying, he has a beautiful freestyle stroke. He is learning "rotary breathing" (which is turning the head to the side for breathing when doing the freestyle). This year he learned to tread water and was introduced to the breast stroke. The breast stroke was a little harder for him to coordinate, but that should get better as his muscles mature, too. He passed his swim test and was very excited!

Both of my boys love the water, and I am feeling more confident taking them to the pool by myself this year. At this point I think they are both more confident swimmers than I am, so our next step might be for me to take some swim lessons - and I am not kidding!


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