Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ants in their pants!

The boys were very excited that we (or, their dad) were able to get their bunk beds fully operational today! We had the bunk beds on top of each other, but we didn't have the hook to attach the ladder to the beds until today. The boys quickly figured out ways to get up there anyway, and they made the top bunk into a fort or hideout.

Notice the chair pulled up to the end of the bed. That's how Joel got up. Evan just pulled himself by the edge of the top bunk.

Every hideout needs rules. Apparently you have to have tickets to get into this one - and only boys can have tickets. Joel was delighted to be the one to make the tickets.

We didn't really want them sleeping up there until we had the ladder secured, though. So, tonight is the first night in the bunk beds.
Apparently Evan enjoys being on the top bunk. Joel is looking through "binoculars". It has something to do with possible monsters, but I can't remember the details right now.

Joel could not be still at bedtime! He was finally still for a few seconds when I told him he looked like he had ants in his pants. He took the time to check his pants and make sure that there weren't any ants in there. I love that kid! He also tried to help his older brother out by giving him 3 extra blankets in case he had a night-time "accident". I guess he was thinking it would be helpful to have the extra blankets in place, so that Evan wouldn't have to get down to find a replacement. Evan was not as touched by this gesture as I was. He just told Joel that he wouldn't pee in the bed. We will need to re-arrange the furniture in the room and paint, but it is slowly turning into a real big boy room.


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