Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Iced Coffee ... MMMMMM!!!!

Here are my true confessions:
1. I LOVE iced coffee.
2. I drink a lot of it in the summer.
3. I have been using my drip coffee maker instead of my french press because I drink more than 1 pot of french press in a day usually.
4. I am trying to cut back.
5. I have found a new recipe for iced coffee using a COLD-press method that might make cutting back even harder for me.
6. Because I love you all I am sharing the recipe with you.

Click here to go to the Deep South Dish blog and see the recipe.

Now I must go and start my coffee for tomorrow. ;-)


Rebecca said...

Oh my....I miss iced coffee so much!! And this sounds so good!! I'm wondering if decaf would work for this as well? Hmmm....

Melissa said...

I often make decaf iced the "regular" way, so I think it would work fine here, too. Did you see that this method reduced the amount of caffeine?

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