Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Evan!

I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera after I got the camera back from the repair center. So, the pictures I took of Evan's birthday breakfast and present opening didn't get saved anywhere. I did get some pictures from his afternoon present - a new bike! Now Joel can officially claim Evan's old one, which he has been riding for a while anyway.

Evan did have a nice birthday, including some quality time with Grandma who was visiting. In our family the birthday person gets to pick out the meals for the entire day. He started the day off with french toast and strawberries. After breakfast he got to open some of his presents from us and Grandma & Grandpa. He went to church for his last day with his first grade group. After church, he had macaroni & cheese and hot dogs for lunch. I stayed after church for a meeting, so on my way home I picked up his bike as an afternoon surprise. The day was topped off with a tasty dinner of frozen pizza. He seemed to really enjoy his birthday and I enjoyed reminiscing about how he has grown these past few years!

from this ...

to this in 7 short years


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