Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Bash at the Ballpark!

Since Evan enjoyed going to the Rangers games so much last year, I offered to take a few friends to a ballgame this year as his birthday party. He was excited about that, so off we went! It was a smaller party (kid-wise) than usual for him, because we were concerned about keeping track of too many kids. We had more adults than kids most of the time, and that ended up being a good thing. The kids were real troopers, but it was hot and a terribly long game! It was almost 100 degrees and the game lasted just over 4 hours. In fact, it was the longest game of the season so far.

We started out with some hot dogs and cake at our house before the game. I tried a new cake for the occasion - chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. It was so good! The baseball was white cake mix with red and blue sprinkles inside (for the Rangers, or course). I thought the cake was a big hit! (ba-dum-dump!)

We got to the ballpark a little later than I had hoped, but still before the game started. The kids all got jerseys when they entered the stadium. Then we found our seats which were in the full sun on very hot bleachers. Since the game was about to start, we decided to hang out and watch a little before trying out the Sportspark. The Sportspark is an area behind centerfield where the kids can play games. They played some together, but then they were interested in different games. I think they all had fun at this part. (Here was where having lots of adults came in handy.)
We made it back to the stands in time to watch a little more baseball and then see this:

After that (it had been a very long six innings) we moved to some shady seats to watch the rest of the game. Two of our party had left earlier. Another two joined another family member who was also at the game (and who they were riding with). The rest of us sat back in nice, cool, shaded seats and enjoyed some final snacks before trekking back to the van for the ride home. A long day, but Evan had a great time and I think I can safely say we will all definitely remember this party!


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