Friday, October 2, 2009

Morning funnies

Who needs to read the comics when you get to live in one?!? Take for example this conversation from this morning.

Steve is putting on his new Tevas while Joel watches. (Just a little background - I had given Steve a fair amount of teasing for purchasing the Tevas. He said, "Don't you think they're cool?" I replied, "They're cool. I'm just not sure that you are cool enough for them." - or something like that. So that was a few days ago when he bought them. Now back to today and he is putting them on for the first time.)

Joel: Why are you putting on Mom's shoes?
Steve: These aren't Mom's; they're mine.
Joel: Well, they look like Mom's shoes.
Steve (very "maturely"): Oh yeah, well at least I have shoes on.
Joel (very quickly): that look like Mom's. (at which point I bust out laughing)
Steve (again, very maturely): Well, that shirt looks like your brother's.
Joel (again, very quickly): Well, it is. (at which point I completely lose it)

Joel likes being a clown so upon hearing me laughing he added, "That was a good joke, huh, Dad?" Steve could only agree (with a smile on his face).


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