Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Couple of updates

Evan has become quite attached to his football. I am constantly reminding him that we don't throw the ball in the house. (Of course, it's been so rainy here that he hasn't been able to play outside much.) He thinks that he would make a good quarterback (and I do, too) and that the quarterback is the most important person on the team. (Have I ever mentioned that we don't have to worry about building his self-esteem?) He keeps talking about when he can play football with a real team - when he is 7. He knows that we missed our chance this season and we will have to wait until next year. He is already discussing which team he will be on next year, too. He has a friend playing this year, so I guess he has learned some of the names. Speaking of teams - he is learning about the difference between NFL and NCAA teams, but this is a harder lesson for him. He has gotten several books from the library about football, so he is also learning a lot about the history of the game, the positions, the plays, and some of the players. He has already decided that he wants a football jersey for Christmas, but which jersey he wants keeps changing. He has also added a real (full-size) football to his "want-list". He didn't spend all of his birthday money yet, so I think he is considering using some of it for a new football. For now though, he is staying attached to his smaller one. He even holds (cradles) it while he is doing his homework.

Evan also received a school assignment last week to make a restaurant (using boxes or other materials readily available at our house). I swear that he made the decisions and did most of the work, but I did help some. Some days we worked well together, other days not so much. But we survived and he had a finished project by the day it was due! (The colors were supposed to be green and orange, but our printer needs a new color ink cartridge.)


Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

He is so cute. That's pretty cool how he is learning all about football. I like his 'restaurant'!

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