Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Star Wars Kind of Christmas

Evan asked Santa for a Lego Star Wars Wii game and Joel asked Santa for a blue lightsaber. Steve and I could read the writing on the wall. Santa amazingly found a blue and red lightsaber packaged together, so now all three of the "boys" can lightsaber together. What joy!

Our Christmas started with a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church. I couldn't sing very well, but I enjoyed trying. After we got home we ate a quick supper and the boys got to open a present. It was their Christmas Eve jammies. Then they set out the goodies for Santa and headed to bed. Evan was very ready for bed (and for us to go to bed) since he finally understood that Santa doesn't come until everyone in the house is asleep.
The next morning the boys got up at a reasonable time and the present frenzy began. We tried to cut back on the number of presents the boys received, and we did, but there was still a lot! At least we didn't have to take a break while opening like we did last year. Evan was ready from the get-go. He came in telling us about the "kitty" in his stocking, but to his credit, he did not get into the stocking until we told him he could.
The "kitty" is a Wildcat that Santa found for Evan since that is his school's new mascot.

Joel sat back while Evan opened his present from Santa and almost all of his stocking. After just a few minutes, Joel was into it as well. Notice that he is eating a sucker (a favorite present from Grandpa and Grandma) while opening another present.

The boys spent the morning playing with their toys, while their sick mom (me) took a nap. (I got sick on our trip to Chattanooga and am still recuperating.) Steve was gracious enough to grill burgers for dinner for me. Then we had a dessert of red velvet birthday cake for Jesus. I had wanted the boys to help make the cake, but Joel was sleeping and Evan didn't want to. After all of the presents this morning, I enjoyed making the cake and bringing the focus back around to the real reason that we were celebrating. (I can't write with those little writing tubes, but the boys got the point.)The day after Christmas was a day for more playing for the boys. For me, it was a time for going to the doctor and then shopping. I got some medicine, so I am hopeful that I will be much better tomorrow, especially since I am ushering at church. Today was more rest and more play. All in all, it has been a nice Christmas, even though we have missed all of our family. We pray that you are all having a nice season and reflecting in the peace and love that is God's gift to us, and the reason for this celebration.


steele family said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you feel better soon.

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