Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marriage requirements

Last night Evan told us that he wanted to marry a princess. I asked him which one and he answered, "One that's not already married." We tried to find out a little more about what he was wanting in his princess and this is what we found out.
1. Needs to be a girl
2. Needs to have been born on May 30, 2003
3. Needs to be five now (which would work out with the birthdate)
If you can help with this search, please let me know!

On a semi-related note, today Steve and I celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss! As I heard once in a movie, "It could have been worse!" But really, we have had an adventure during these 8 years, and today will be one more episode in the installment - as we drive the 12 hours home from Chattanooga, TN. After Christmas I will post some pictures of our fun family frolickings from Chattanooga, so stay tuned!


Sheilah said...

Emma fits 3 of the 4 requirements. Her Birthday is June 6, 2003 instead of May 30. But she is 5, she is a girl, and she is definately a princess!

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