Saturday, October 13, 2012

Evan's 1st Soccer Game - Updated!

***I scheduled this to post, but it didn't.  Aargh!  So, I am updating it now that the season is over and posting it now. ***

The league may not be competitive, but Evan is still enjoying it.  (If you aren't aware of how competitive this child is, he was disappointed to learn that the league wasn't competitive and requested a competitive league next time.)  I am enjoying that it is only 7 weeks long with only a little over an hour time commitment for each week.  Joel might enjoy it more if he takes a game next time.  Steve enjoyed the first game, but would probably prefer that it was not during regular work hours.  Sounds like a "winner" for almost all of us.  (That was a little competitive joke.)

Evan likes to play goalie and spent most of his playing time that position.  He saved 4 goals and let 4 goals through.  I would say that is not bad for a first game!  He also managed to score a goal!  Even if the league doesn't count such things, we do.  ;)

He did not get too disappointed that his team was a little outmatched, so that made me happy.  I appreciate his competitive spirit, but really value good sportsmanship.  He was able to show that and persistence in his first game.  Way to go, Evan!

Evan has now finished the season with this team.  I am so proud of the growth that the team showed in a few short weeks!  They really were playing well together and passing the ball around to each other by the last game.  Given the fact that they only had 2 full practices and a few minutes of practice before each game, I was very impressed.  Evan also impressed us with his ball-handling skills.  He has declared himself ready for competitive soccer, and he is probably right.  But next up will be little league baseball in the spring.


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