Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter activities for a week

This year, we had things to do with the boys all week long.  The church we are attending had a devotional schedule for the kids, so we started it last Sunday night and followed the history of passion week. 

Thursday we celebrated a Christian Passover at home.  It was the first time we had tried to do this ourselves.  I think I need a more thorough guide next time, but it was a start! 

Friday we cleaned and organized the house.  That night we went to a Good Friday service at our church.

Saturday we hosted an egg hunt at our house for some neighbors and a couple of friends from school.  I made a lot of southern food for our guests.  We had a family from China, one from the U.K., and one from here (though the dad is from California).  It was a lot of fun to watch some of the kids eat peeps for the first time.  I got to share banana pudding and sausage balls with the adults, too.  I didn't know sausage balls were southern, but apparently they are!  And they were a hit, too.  We didn't do any of the crafts that I had thought about, but it was because the kids were having so much fun playing together.  They enjoyed the egg hunt, too.  We rested in the afternoon, but that night we made resurrection cookies.  We love working on these together every Easter eve.
Yes, he is barefoot.

Today we got up (but not so early) and attended church together.  We had a nice time celebrating our risen Savior with our church!  And we enjoyed a nice "light" lunch with them after the services.  We are enjoying getting to know this body better.  And we enjoy eating with them.  We have a different definition of "snacks" and "light lunch" than they do, but we are not complaining.  (Their snacks are a light lunch for us.  Their light lunch leaves us stuffed, and sends us home with food for dinner, too.)  The guys have been having fun playing egg hunts, too.  They love to hide and hunt, so this continues for a few days after Easter.

Next week is spring break for us, so I hope that we will have lots of fun adventures report throughout the week.  But that we never lose sight of God's love for us, His resurrection power, and the glory of the cross and resurrection.


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