Monday, October 3, 2011

Howdy, folks!

And welcome to the Great Fair of Texas!

After living in the DFW area for over 8 years, I finally made it to the state fair.  Joel heard a lot about it at school, so he had been begging to go all week long.  (It just opened last week.)  I figured that the boys were old enough this year for me to take them while Steve was at work.  And it almost worked out well.

We started off with some of the famous Fletcher's corny dogs for lunch. 

Then we walked around and found Big Tex, but he wasn't talking when we got to him.  Joel really wanted to see his mouth move, but that didn't happen.  We could hear him at times, but by the time we got to him he had stopped again.

Then we walked around checking out all of the sights and sounds until it was time to meet some friends at the Birds of the World show.  That was a really cool show with birds flying right over our heads!  There were even some ravens trained to take money from your hand and put it in the collection box.

After the show we walked around some more and found ourselves near the rides.  I had told the boys they could each ride one ride.  Evan picked the log flume, but Joel wanted a faster, spinnier ride.  Unfortunately he wasn't tall enough to ride the one he picked out.  He decided to do the log flume, too, and it seemed to be the right choice.  They had a great time!
Can you see Evan?

How about now?

Is this better?  I'll give you a hint - he's in front of Joel.  
He was ducked down so he wouldn't get wet.  Silly boy!

We had spent about all of the money I cared to spend by that time so we went to the petting zoo.  There were lots of cool animals, but not many of them were interested in eating by the time we got there.  The boys still seemed to have fun and got to pet some cool animals.

I was hoping to find the entries for things like biggest produce and photography, but I was not successful.  Evan had been having a rough day with intermittent stomach cramps (and lots of bathroom trips).  I finally decided to just get him home. 

All in all they declared the day a success - and I agree!


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