Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A family first ...

The first cast belongs to ...


He fell at the playground and hurt his wrist on Saturday.  I was at home cooking dinner and not with them.  When they got home he was pretty upset and we were trying to ice it.  To help him calm down and stay still we ate dinner in the living room while watching Kung Fu Panda.  By the end of the movie he was laughing hard and not complaining about his arm any more.  We noticed that he wasn't using his hand very much, though.  That continued on Sunday and Monday.  He wasn't even playing with Legos.  So I took him to the doctor on Monday thinking that it was a bad sprain, but better safe than sorry.  Well, it was more than a sprain.  It's a buckle fracture above the wrist.  He got the cast right away and it was a very quick and easy process.  It's actually a really neat waterproof and fiberglass cast and he got to pick out the color.  He will have to keep it on for 4 weeks.  His arm was still a little swollen so if the cast gets too loose he may get a new one earlier than that. 

The cast hasn't slowed him down.  In fact, he is more active now that he has it.  We went to Target after the doctor and he got a new minifigure Lego.  As soon as we got home he put it together and started playing with his other Legos.  He had his first day at school with it today, and that seemed to go well.  I forgot to pack his lunch this morning, so I got him a Happy Meal after my workout at the gym.  That ended up being a good thing since he got some Batman toys in it that he could play "quietly" with at recess.  Of course, as soon as school was out he was running everywhere.  It's hard to keep this boy still unless he has Legos near him.


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