Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

That was one of the terms bantied about last week when everything shut down for about 4 days.  Evan went to school on Monday, and Joel and I walked to pick him up at the end of the school day.  That was about the last time we left the house until Friday.  We still weren't driving anywhere until Saturday, though.  (That is for me and the boys.  Steve went to work Wednesday and Thursday, and made it safely though he agreed the roads were a little rough.)

Monday night we got some hail, sleet, freezing rain - something that turned into ice on the ground and the roads.  Then we stayed way below freezing until Saturday.  The snow didn't arrive until Thursday night, so we didn't go out to play until Friday.  Joel didn't want to play at first, but he finally went out Friday afternoon for some sledding fun.  The guys went out again Saturday for one last day of fun, and it was probably a good idea because most of the snow was gone by Sunday.  You can see the pics from our week here.

Today we are above freezing again, and should be tomorrow, too.  But we have a chance for more snow on Tuesday night, and another winter storm warning.  I really enjoyed our 4 days off last week, but I am not sure another day off this week would be a good idea.  But, there's really no use spending any mental energy on that right now.  For today, we are going to focus on returning the library movies that kept us occupied last week and getting some supplies from Costco - just in case. 


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