Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Tomorrow my baby will be celebrating his 5th birthday.  He has been celebrating for over a week now, but that's not really the point. 

It's hard to believe that he is 5 already!  It seems like just yesterday I looked like this:

And then Joel looked like this:

 And our family looked like this:

But, that wasn't yesterday ... that was FIVE WHOLE YEARS AGO!!!!

Today, Joel looks more like this:

Oh, no!  That's Iron Man!  Joel looks more like this:

Joel has had 2 birthday celebrations so far.  Last Saturday he had a party in Chattanooga with family, and this past Saturday he had one at our house with some friends from school.  On his birthday he will also be taking a special snack to school.  What a full week of birthday celebrations!  And now that it is almost over he has started planning what he wants for Christmas and for his next birthday.  Time never stands still!


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