Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling like a Queen!

The guys gave me such a nice Mother's Day! It was more like a weekend, actually.

It started out with the boys giving me gifts that they had made for me at school (Joel on Thursday and Evan on Friday).

Joel wanted to eat the cookie that was part of his gift. He thought it was his cookie, so we had lots of discussions about that. We did share it on Saturday. The pink flowers are made out of his handprints. Such a cute idea!

Some of the things Evan wrote made me almost cry! He is growing up and that was evident in his writing this year. It also touched me because he is more of a "daddy's boy", but what he wrote was really sweet and special for me. Here is one example (but you may have to click on it to read it better):
On Saturday I helped to host a shower for a friend who is getting married. I was gone for most of the afternoon, and when I got home this is what I saw as soon as I walked in the door.
What a treat! Steve had decorated so nicely and had cleaned a lot while I was gone! He had also bought me some roses. That night he grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for me, too. They were so yummy!

On Sunday we went to church together early in the morning (at least it was early for us). After church Evan took me to the Texas Rangers game. We had a nice time, even though it was cold and kept trying to rain on us. And the Rangers won! Since they had won the first three games against this team, I figured we would lose yesterday. But we won and swept KC!

Steve grilled for us again last night, so I had another great meal with my guys. He also made some cupcakes for me to finish off the meal. What a great weekend and my guys made me feel very special! I love them all very much!!!


Joel and Melody said...

Evan's note is so sweet and precious. Almost made me cry, too! He IS growing up.

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